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Porsche Passport

Porsche// Passport

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Rennsport Reunion VI

Porsche// Rennsport VI

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Bedroom commercial

Chloroseptic// winter 2018

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Sorry My Wacom Tablet skills suck.  Anyway The lighting set up for this is pretty simple due to the fact its a very small space and we did not want to have to keep moving stuff. The key to this scene for me was I wanted it to look 100% lit by practicals. Also I knew since this was for social media the chances of it getting graded properly after I handed over footage was slim to none! So I wanted to bake most of the look in camera. To start off here the key are the practicals they motivate a warm tungsten interior. We wanted it warm and cute so we have the lamp with the Edison bulb and the string of Edison bulb lights. The motivation for the key is the top light shown. It is just a Ikea dome lamp and we taped a kids fort from target inside of it. The bulb is a 3500k bulb I had laying around it puts out almost no light. All it really does is illuminate the sheet and create a hair light. The main source is coming from behind the pink lamp on the floor Its tungsten arri 1k nothing special its what creates the big glow in the fort sheet in the scene. I put a layer of  full cto over it to be even warmer. I will get to why later. The other source creating the moonlight/dark room look is a Apature 300 d  5600k being shot through a 6x6 with quarter grid that way it was big and soft. It was dialed back to about 30% and had a full ctb on it. Now for the reason I gelled the tungsten warmer and the daylight cooler. In a normal grading scenario you can have a non linear out and grade to pull those lights into the teal and orange range. With the scenes practicals being tungsten, actually slightly warmer I did not have enough of a color shift in camera from orange to blue. Again if you have control over the grade you can do it in the grade but I wanted it baked in. 

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For the close up everything stayed the same.  All we did was bring in some negative fill to help give a little bit of shape to the face.  lens was a vintage 90mm leica summicron



For camera nothing special either. Red dragon 6k vintage leica glass 1/8th black mist. 3200k wb. The compression ratio in this image is 12-1 that was just because I was testing its usually 5-1.  A big part here is with the red you would shoot it different than the arri. I keep the exposure a bit higher than the arri. With the Alexa if you under expose a bit you get really nice blacks on the red you get really nice digital noise lol. 


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Chloroseptic// winter 2018



Europe BTS// Fall 2019

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BTS// fall 2018 CAMPAIGN

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BTS// Fall 2018

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BTS// Summer 2018

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BTS//summer 2018

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